Salute to Sara Williams

So, just got back from Sara Williams' sendoff.  It was good to see her happy for her next adventure but sad too.

Sara was the last person in my interview loop, and the final say as to whether I got to work at MSDN or not. She's the one who made the call that blogs would leave Gotdotnet for .Text and Web site hosting, and it was under her that Gotdotnet was created (though not while she was at MSDN). It's funny but rain or shine, she'd always be looking for us to update the Gotdotnet home page. Even when I moved to CCT, she still noticed when I was late :) . (Sometimes it was because we had other deployments to do, but you's hard not to care when you are the founder).

She's an inspiring person - tough, smart, compassionate (esp. when I had my car accident, I remember her coming to my office to make sure I took care of myself) and was an asset to Microsoft. Someone to watch in her next incarnation.

The bummer here of course is as blog admin, I have to go archive her blog now. :P

Live it vivid!