Shoutout to the new Live Crew

So, I finally have enough bios live on the QnA Team Blog that I can at least start talking about the crazy posse I work with. At least beyond horrible cat emergency stories and ill fated drives in the eerie resonances.

Also, I figure I've nattered on about the Agile old team enough- who I notice are up to the expected hijinks with CodePlex questions and well, apparently Korby is fondling devices again - without providing context for the new team. At this rate, there might be more dignity to discussing the new team...then again, judge for yourself.

In putting up Nils' bio I realized there were some uncanny resemblances between him and Sandy, my previous boss. First, they jog. Second, they are picky about wine. Third, they are from the East Coast, which gives that unique fresh imprint of linguistic style known perhaps best on Cheers re-runs and every deNiro movie.

In putting up Ed's bio, I realized we could have used him during the infamous naming of Gotdotnet CodeGallery ("Scooter "is WAY better than Aokiland) and perhaps even the now-emerged CodePlex site  ("CodeScooter"?).

Krista, meanwhile, is just someone you need to watch. She is STILL debating about whether Gwyneth Paltrow is the right one to play her in the QnA movie, and Jason Wodicka and I told her, of course she is. Jason Wodicka is savvy enough of a blogger that he barely needed introduction-he emotes character.

The office Krista and I are in, the "OCM" or "Office of Community Management" sometimes becomes the hub of debate and discussion (Nils realizes he can get two underlings for one if he just walks down the hall  to talk to us:) ) but soon Jason will be joined by Marcela (her bio's not up yet) and there will be a new pod of debate and possibly alcohol. (Yes, I finally invested in a GDN-size scotch bottle for my office - not yet broken into mind you).

Our latest bio is "the Intern" - J. Patrick Davin.  It is safe to say I have not met anyone like him, or the upcoming Paul Miller.