Special thanks to the tram folks of Amsterdam

So I may have a TechEd curse where I lose my identificaiton and then find it again.

Orlando I just misplaced my wallet in the folds of my backpack and had a panicked 2 hours.

Amsterdam I left my backpack on the tram or at the tram station - it's still not clear - buit realized it within 10 minutes. Unfortunately when I went back to the station there was no bag.

I spent the last 3 hours bonding with American Express and calling long distance to cancel things, etc.

But then the blessed moment arrived when the TechEd organizers (who deserve medals on their own, esp Paddy Mirams, Jo Benny, Sam Craig) told me to go to registration, someone had returned it.

It came back with Eurors and the Channel 9 guy intact. What can be said but that the people of Amsterdam - especially the tram people of Amsterdam - are good at heart.

Thanks everyone. I will now melt into a puddle.


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