Tater Tots: food of the gods?

I bet I know what you all are wondering about this week. You are wondering how, in this season of warmth, goodwill, and people scrambling to throw their software deliverables over the wall so they can start their vacations, what can Betsy possibly use to stretch into a blog post that hits technology AND does not expose her glaring novice status as a developer.

Well, if there's anything that stretches a recipe when you don't have enough ingredients, it is potatoes, and one of the higher evolved forms of potato life is of course the Mighty Tater Tot which I am eating today in honor of the fact that Tater Tots are 50 years old this year! Yes! The Tots are Hot!

And if visions of code drops aren't dancing in your head at the thought of the Tots, then perhaps this more arcane potato technology will astound you - a device that can destroy anthrax evolved from a device NASA used to grow potato plants in space.

This probably proves I've had too much eggnog, but Tater Tots also remind me of Lite Brites (perhaps the era in which I was introduced to the Tots) and also from that,  the brightness of LED displays. You can terrify people at holiday parties with this from ThinkGeek.


Ok, is it that readily apparent I still owe Kent Sharkey some VB code? And that I'm fueling my guilty coding for those MSDN articles I'm supposed to write by Tater Tots?

Dang. Can't fool any of you. I'll have the last two done by Jan 1, I promise. (Although there'll be some editing and other stuff that has to happen after that).

Live it vivid!