TechEd Orlando - bring on the plastic fish!

So I'm here on the other side of the country  surrounded by guys in Hawaiian shirts throwing a beach ball around.

No, I'm not by the pool - I'm at TechEd Orlando. The INTEA folks have strategically planted an inflatable fish between us and them, and it separates us community types from the hula-skirted table, the big inflatable palm trees and the many beach balls lying around. Stefan from Windows Server has already come by and mocked us for our lack of er, flair (see Office Space).

For some reason our cool new Gotdotnet t-shirts ("swag for customers, not for our bods)" have gone missing. They might be having daiquiris without us at Disneyworld, someone might have took them, or they were sent to some storage warehouse miles from here, but it's a darn shame because we could have used them to decorate our "booth."

Even as I type this Sandy is vowing we will do our own pilgrimage to Wal-mart and buy cheap plastic items. I suggested bad Star Wars gear but mercifully no one listens to me. :)

Every member of our team blogs and has had some sort of mishap, so I will leave it to them to recount their stories, but suffice to say that if it's a piece of electronics, clothing, reservation, cell phone, or other necessary item, it's gone missing. My mishap moment was realizing that the Yahoo Travel reviews of my hotel included cockroaches as extra guests - but so far have not seen any of our carapaced friends. (I can actually sing La cucaracha in Spanish - maybe that will terrify them if any show up).

On the good side you can't walk 10 yards without hitting a free latte cart (thank you sponsors!), all  my sites are running (when I can get to a wifi), and did I mention there are lattes all over the place? I ran into a guy named Chris who wrote about tater tots commenting on my blog.

This is what makes it's all worthwhile people - lattes, and you.

Live it vivid!