The Blog's the Thing...even when it's not the thing I am working on

Bummer to see Dare go "unblogged". I respect his decision, but hope he will be back. He was an interesting voice, to say the least.

I fielded some questions recently about blogging and engaging an audience from a coworker in another team this week, and realized the awesomeness of time passing, if that makes any sense. I've been upfront about passing the tiara and all the projects I've worked on since being Blog Queen. I tried to set up my successors for success, and create resources for people to go to that can be advice, or other people.  I remember when I first chatted with Eileen Brown about look at her bringing entire companies together (and blogging about it).

People still ask me for advice, and I still care about this medium, regardless of what social or community app I have sunk my heart into this time. I will still yak endlessly, to whomever will listen, about the power of the conversation a company can have with its customers, when it is two-way, when it is real people talking to real people, when we are authentic. I'll say it if you are a VP, or someone I don't know from another team.

I guess it's ironic or perhaps just lame, that I myself am not a key blogger - "I'm no Scoble" (or Chris Sells, or Raymond Chen, or...). But I think it's been more interesting to enable the conversation than be it - I already know what I would say, what's wild and fun is what YOU would blog about.  If Randy Pausch can have fun still, health-challenged as he is, then what are we waiting for?

The best is yet to come in the blogosphere.

Oh yeah - that not-blogging- thing I'm working on - XNA community games beta - ya, we are still plugging away at it. :)  Long nights of Diet Coke and Red Vine. Sorta like Wine and Roses, only a ton fizzier. :)

Live it vivid!