The Disorganized Disco Bandit

Ever have one of those mornings where your right contact lens sticks to the roof of your eyelid, the coffee machine has to be re-pumped and re-primed before you get your brew, and civilization has devolved to conversing with your officemate through telepathic grunting?

Welcome to my world.

The inefficiency is compounded by the sheer packratted-ness of my office, my purse, and that purse-on-wheels known affectionately as “a car.” I looked around and I realized: I have two gym bags full of clothes. I have two laptops (one owned by Microsoft). I have bags of food I bring to the office so that I don't eat the cafeteria food all the time. I have bags to hold the spare bags in case I need them to hold my emptied health food tupperwares. I have a baggie of Advil (don't leave home without it).

And then of course my purse has bags. Bags of makeup. My wallet is essentially a bag. Bags of money? (er, not exactly). I have a system of containers  in my life that pass along the stuff (sound like coding anyone?), making up the system that keeps me made-up, thinned out, moneyed, and well-wheeled.

On days like today, I forget what containers I have and what's in them and where the system is going. Maybe I need a new processor. :P

Or maybe a new sword. Like this guy!

The image above (permission to reproduce given by Zack Johnson) is from this highly comedic online game called Kingdom of Loathing (yeah, I know it's in php but come on you guys - Gotdotnet has a Whackamole in C# - surely one of you can cough up a funny RPG? and then TELL ME where it is?!!!)

As a DiscoBandit, I had the best time gaining moxie, meat (Atkins anybody?), and combat experience in such places as "the Crackpot Mystic's Shed," "The Haunted Pantry" and gain the fastest payoffs of your life in the "Haiku Dungeon."

I sent the Kingdom link to Rory to cheer him up, but it looks like he got some flair and cheered up anyways since July 1. :-)

Live it vivid! (and don't forget to check out the Whackamole game while you are at it!)