This will tell you the kind of week it was

I went to Anita Rowland's Blog Meetup Wednesday. Saw Robert Scoble. Saw a bunch of Microsoft bloggers actually who followed Scoble to this strange and kitschy bowling alley known as Leilani Lanes.  (You must click on the Leilani link if only to see the dancing bowling balls on the home page!)

The Microsofties and the Meetup Bloggers all gave up after a bit and all chipped in ($25 total I think it was) to get the flourescently lit “banquet hall,” where my pal Curt Rosengren and I hastily moved tables so that people weren't separated by double-banquet tables from each other when trying to talk.

I was exhausted from a day I can't remember now at Microsoft, so I feel lucky that a few days later I can dredge up the fellow who had a Web site called and then there were one or two people represented by Anita Rowland is the instigator for this meetup - her site's at and gives a better list of attendees. I remember John Porcaro talking about marketing and blogging. I remember Aaron Brethorst had multiple pierced ears, and the rest of everyone's conversation I do an injustice by blurring you all together. I apologize but I was really wiped. All this blurry-ness and not even a drop to drink!

In case anyone wonders, I did update the Microsoft Bloggers List on Gotdotnet but there are more folks who need and want on it, I know. Hopefully we can pull together a little internal tool that will automate this instead of me putting my fingers all over the OPML in Notepad like I'm doing now. Notepad has saved my life 9 million times, so I'm not complaining, it's just that well - you know. A tool would be far nicer.