Update on the treadmill desk: first day back after long absence

Hmm, well. I can say the Treadmill desk prompted me to lose 5 lbs in about as many weeks. That's the good news.

The bad news is, that I also was wearing the wrong orthotics and the wrong shoes (orthotics meant to go in dress shoes only, and because of the treadmill not having a cushion I went for more cushiony Brooks (Glycerin instead of Trance for you running wonks and wonkettes).

The 24+ hours in one week of Skyrim/treadmill walking didn't help either. So I had to endure (as did my coworkers) 3 weeks of Das Boot (and a cortisone heel shot, to combat the plantar fasciitis that did not succumb to mondo ibuprofen and too much SXSW walking. (see a pattern here?)


The reason for Das Boot post-shot is, since I apparently can't be trusted not to walk around (and I do have a community outreach job to do) I need to be wearing something that keeps the pressure off that foot as much as possible. Aya has already mocked me for making a velcro "swish swish" sound when I walk -hardly menacing when I was going more for Dark Lord of the Sith style.

So, after 3 weeks of babying and mocking and no SXSW style conferences, Das Boot has come off and I am flat-footed again (wearing Brooks Trance with new orthotics.)

I did invest in this little number - a calf stretcher.  For those of you who like the stairmaster or naturally have tight calves, this wedge thing is a godsend in that the incline forces the stretch and varying your position while standing on it (or adjusting the incline) does even more for you as your muscles loosen.



I don't believe my results are that typical - I have fussy feet, and overdid it, and am trusting that a gradual buildup of walking will do it.As now have the right shoes, right orthotics, and soon, the right foot to put forward on it.

Besides, the rule was - no Skyrim shall be played not on that treadmill and I intend to finish that game in 2012!