What if Gotdotnet had a deployment and nobody noticed?

You might say this is tempting fate. You might say, Betsy, on a regular basis you spit into the wind, scratch your armpits at the mighty, laugh and try to drink Diet Coke at the same time.You walk the razor edge of sanity on regular basis. Why the heck would you want to risk the wrath of supernatural forces by saying what you are about to say?


Gotdotnet had a deployment today. All the apps moved. DNS changed a bit. We went to screaming 64-bit Web servers.


Hear that? That's the sound of NO  angry emails hitting my inbox. That's the sound of NOBODY NOTICING. :)

Now, every deployment won't be like that - we have one coming up that will result in some site downtime we can't avoid. And, this one wasn't actually painless - the mscom ops crew and the GDN team slaved literally for most of January to make this so boring. And yes, if you see something broken, do tell us. GDNFEED is the right email and we check it every day. It may be that folks overseas will have some difficulty because of DNS propagating more slowly across those servers. We had that happen when blogs.msdn.com moved to new servers as well. :(

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, you say. That pm Betsy could be making this stuff up. She could say "Hey, we deployed today!" and be completely lying. Pretending stability she doesn't have.

Believe me with the bad rap GDN has gotten in the past, if I were that kinda person I'd have done that already. But, I ain't. Also, I have NEVER pretended to have stability. I barely pretend to have sanity!

Send us your feedback and bugs if you got 'em - in the meantime live it vivid!