XNA Gamefest 2007 - this should be fun!

In sort of a last-minute maneuvering, I am going to  Gamefest this year. Gamefest is Microsoft's game technology conference, and after seeing the session tracks I am really stoked to go. Not only will the XNA framework posse I work with be showing off the cool tools and capabilities of the framework, there will be some sweet demos both in the keynote and at the XNA booth where I will be hanging out. I'm not going to ruin the fun, but I will try to do some blogging at the scene so you can hear more about what's happening.

I'm also fascinated by this conference on a bunch of new levels. One, I've gamed since high school, and I'm not that young, so getting to see how stuff is made is just insanely resonant for me. And also, though I've been to TechEd and PDC and CES, they didn't necessarily prepare me for this particular community which has its own spin on what it wants from Microsoft. I get to hear more about what real game devs think and whether they even want to be called game developers or there is some new hip term that I am so noob I don't even know it.

And, to get this out of the way: I am sure to have gamerscore shame. All that PC gaming doesn't count. :P

Anyway, more from the front lines of the XNA booth! Live it vivid!