XNA MVPs Rock! and Red Hair

I had one afternoon and one evening this week with our beloved XNA MVPs and it really was a treat. Game developer MVPs are a different breed - they tell more bizarre stories on less beers. Ask George Clingerman about the mustache he doesn't have.

....I am eternally grateful to George for praising my cod game blogs btw.I need some undeserved praise once in a while.

Andy Dunn remainds himself. The Zman. Watch out when you go to his blog - somehow I ended up on a  blog page with a Lane Bryant bra ad.

Nick Gravelyn had an interesting take on Seattle having come from Michigan where the buildings in his town were much shorter. Raised a glass with Catalin Zima and Michael Morton (Ziggyware.com)

I met a lot more MVPs - some DirectXish, some XNAish -  and after a few gin and tonics, promptly forgot their names. That's why Dave Weller has the swanky job of organizing those kinds of events - my face/name memory is atrocious. :( Sorry guys!

At least we got to show them some sneak peaks of things we are working on and get feedback.

Also my new red streaky hair do. I have to admit, when my hair stylist got done, (she works at Vain which is no stranger to odd hair) she did step back and say...."Er, your workplace won't mind, will they?"

And I said, "Naw, I work at Xbox!" :D

Let's just say...it beats that magenta thing Charles Torres talks about in my Ch9 video. Though not sure how much it will fade if Seattle ever sees the sun again.