Branding a MOSS Corporate Intranet Portal, Introduction

We’re finally starting to tie a little bow around the branding effort for my customer’s MOSS intranet collaboration environment, so I’m finally taking the time to gather all the planning and design materials from the past month or two into something I hope the community finds useful. That, and the musical on the overhead screens is a less-than-compelling in-flight movie for my tastes, so I’ve got time to kill… J

Although this won’t be covered in bite-size tidbits, I’ll break this meal into three courses:

· Hearty Appetizer : High-level overview, terminology, and approach

· Entree : Branding Site & System Pages

o Covers a sample design of using a theme, custom master pages, features, and feature stapling to brand site & system pages at the webapp scope

· Dessert : Branding LAYOUTS Pages

o Covers a sample design of using an HttpModule and limited, supported means from KB944105 of customizing the LAYOUTS directory to brand LAYOUTS pages at the webapp scope

I hope my initial set of blog posts make your branding design, development, and implementation go a bit easier – it’s certainly made ours very manageable – and if it doesn’t, don’t be shy about telling me why not! Enjoy!