A brief history of my time

TechEd is over and I've spent the last few days in detox, trying to collect my thoughts
about what happened and what I learned.  There are definitely many things which
will remain unspoken, but for those in the know :)...

For me TechEd was all about learning.  Learning about our products, my colleagues, our
partners, and most importantly our customers.  I walked away with tons of information,
new friends, good stories, and a lot of questions that I did not have answers

One that I have spent some time today tackling seems to be a problem many users are
facing.  How do you deal with fully functional legacy ASP applications when you
want to move forward with .NET within that application without upgrading.  There
are a number of technical issues that must be overcome (session state, etc.), because
the interop between the two is not perfect.  The easy answer is to upgrade, but
that is not always an option.  In this scenario, I don't feel that users should
be limited in their ability to implement ASP.NET within their current application. 
Maybe there should be a tool that allows ASP to live and breathe within ASP.NET and
interact with the ASP.NET pages directly.  This might be one solution.

I'm curious what your thoughts are?  Here are some good resources that I found
that address this issue to some extent, but there is still something missing. 
Is it a way to seamlessly interop?  Or an easy way to upgrade? I just don't know


ASP Pages to ASP.NET


ASP Pages to Web Forms Pages


to ASP.NET: Key Considerations



Visual InterDev 6.0 Applications to Visual Studio .NET