Community Recognition System now Live

One area that we have been focusing a lot of energy is continuing to improve our online community offerings.  A few weeks ago we rolled out a new Community Recognition System as a way to reward members of our community with special recognition for their contribution to the 'greater good.' is what it is today because of your participation and we wanted to provide a way to recognize all of you who participate on and on going basis. 

The system is built to be scaled out across new community properties as we bring them online and we are still working through the details.  I'm personally very excited about what this system offers and how it works/looks.  The hall of fame is fantastic.  I'm pretty low on the actual totem poll, but we've given ScottGu new incentive to post even more then the heroic amount that he already does :)

Let us know what you think and keep providing the great ideas that help us make your life easier.