CSS Property Window Add-in For VS2005 Released!

This has been a small side project that the team has been working on for a LONG time to try and provide even richer support for CSS inside of Visual Studio 2005 and it is now finally avaialble as a VSIP plugin -- If you are doing any work with standards based design or working with CSS I highly encourage you to grab this download.  Please note, since it is a VSIP plug-in it will only work with Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition and higher (or more simply put: it won't work with Visual Web Developer Express, just the Visual Studio Products) -- Download Here


Visual Studio 2005 provides some capabilities for visually editing the styles for elements in an HTML or ASP.NET page. For example, in Design view, you can right-click a control or element, and then choose Style to display the Style Builder dialog box. Although the style builder enables you to create and edit in-line styles, there's no way to edit the styles that are inherited from a linked style sheet.  The new CSS Properties window provides this capability — it enables you to edit both in-line styles and styles in linked style sheets.

The CSS Properties window is an add-in package to Visual Studio 2005. It does not change the behavior of any feature in Visual Studio 2005; it simply adds additional functionality specific to editing CSS in Design view.


Using the CSS Properties window, you can do the following:

  • Display in-line styles and styles inherited from <style> blocks and linked style sheets.
  • Edit in-line styles and styles in linked style sheets. (The CSS Properties window displays styles from <style> blocks, but does not enable you to edit them.)
  • Display drop-down lists of styles and values to help you create valid style definitions.
  • Drag style settings between different elements and to and from a style sheet.
  • Edit styles for multiple elements.