Microsoft and Zend Announce Collaboration to Enhance PHP on IIS/Windows

I'm being lazy and stealing verbatim from Keith's post (Update: also check out ScottGu's great post here)


As part of today's keynote presentation at ZendCon, Bill Staples, Microsoft's Product Unit Manager for Internet Information Services (IIS), announced a new collaboration with Zend to improve performance and stability of PHP on Windows.

This isn't just vaporware, either.  During Andi Gutmans' keynote (Andi is one of the creators of PHP and co-founder of Zend), Bill announced the availability of a technical preview release of FastCGI for IIS and demoed it for the audience as well.

FastCGI is a new component for Microsoft's Web server platform that is available for download & evaluation today. It works IIS 6.0 in Windows 2003 Server and IIS 5.1 in Windows XP. Even cooler, it also works with the brand new IIS 7.0 making its debut with Windows Vista and, later, as part of Windows Server code-named "Longhorn."

This announcement continues to solidfy IIS as the premiere Web application server whether you are developing sites with ASP.NET or any other server framework. Moreover, regardless of the programming language or framework they choose, developers building sites of any size can leverage the full capabilities of the Microsoft platform with enterprise-class security, speed and stability.