MSN Germany with Silverlight wins IPTV Award 2008 - coolness

I just heard some great news from Europe: MSN Germany received the “IPTV Award 2008” for technical innovation for their brand new Social Video Mashup MSN ClipClub TV . The solution was built by Axinom, a German Microsoft partner. 

In a highly competitive environment, where there are strong video, social, and chat options, MSN created a solution that combines different products: Clip Club TV connects existing MSN video content to the functionality of Windows Live Messenger in an innovative Silverlight 2 interface - this is the first Live Messenger UI built with Silverlight 2 that I'm aware of. Combined technologies and services are worth more than the sum of their parts.


“IPTV Award 2008” competition is huge and one of the most prestigious IPTV awards in Europe sponsored by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as well as the IPTV Forum and, among others, Deutsche Bank and Universal Publishing.

Almost 200 entries have been invited for the: promising business models, outstanding creativity and design, exciting content, innovative technology and audience award in cooperation with one of Germanys largest TV Guides ‘TV Movie’.

Congrats to MSN, ClipClub TV and Axiom for winning and being part of a pretty elite group of folks!