New Master Page templates and XHTML templates/docs available

The beginnings of the ASP.NET Design Center that I talked about many months ago is finally live on MSDN -- this is a set of well documented XHTML templates plus fully functional master page template sites to help give you a solid design foundation for your ASP.NET 2.0 applications.  In addition there are detailed whitepapers explaining design considerations, standards, and accessibility and more.  I think you will find this content to be exceptionally good.  Eventually this will morph into our full fledged ASP.NET Design Center but we are still closing on a few infrastructure issues so that we can practice what we preach (a fully XHTML 1.0 transitional and accessible design site).  It is in the works, but I felt it wasn't worth holding back the content just because the over all site is not ready.  Go there now at:

As always, I would love your feedback!

Below is the main copy from the site:

Download these professionally designed Starter Kits and XHTML templates to get you started creating compelling, standards-compliant Web pages with ASP.NET 2.0. There are four Starter Kits below. These Starter Kits are complete web site solutions using ASP.NET’s latest controls (tree view control, grid view control, detail view control, login control, site map path controls and more). There are another 5 XHTML templates below. These are individual XHTML strict Web page templates (available each in two different colors) that are accompanied by design philosophy whitepapers that describe each template’s Section 508 conformance, page layout with CSS (page layouts using CSS floats or tables), Web page accessibility best practices and Web standard resources. All nine templates below are easily customizable and extendable to fit your own content.