360 Degree Review

A few months ago I participated in a “360 degree review” where my colleagues, manager, peers, and direct reports answer a series of questions about my management and work styles. I recently got the results back and figured the results would go nicely with the other stuff about me in my ongoing “Business Management Tips” article. The high-level results are:

  • Type of Leader: I am perceived by everyone who rated me as a “High Conviction – High Connection” leader who has a clarity of vision and a fierce will to succeed, but that I realize that it is others who will get the job done.
  • Primary Leadership Behavior: The results fall into the “Manage: Direct-Lead” segment, which says that I am a “strong competent, knowledgeable person on whom you can rely on for effective guidance and leadership.” – yes, I am quoting the analysis, because I am too reserved to come out and describe myself that way.
  • Secondary Leadership Behavior: The results fall close to the “Guide: Advice-Teach” segment, which says that I am “more likely to use ‘expert’ or ‘referent’ power than rely on the authority inherent in my role”.

I need to work on selling my vision (my team’s vision, my project’s vision, etc.) and getting people excited about it.