A $20 Cookie for Katrina Victims

Here is how I just paid $20 for a chocolate chip cookie:

  1. Sara Ford works here at Microsoft

  2. She grew up in Waveland, MS which was hit by hurricane Katrina

  3. Her parents house was flooded and the entire community needs help

  4. Sara decided to help

  5. MSNBC contacted her about it

  6. MSNBC then went and interviewed her parents

  7. Sara is now collecting clothing and donations in one of our cafeterias from fellow Microsoft employees (like me), which she and her husband will deliver next week to Waveland.

  8. That’s where I bought a cookie for $20. Sara and her friends tried to have me take more than one cookie, but I resisted the urge so that others could donate and get a cookie too.

Ahh, the power of blogs: I had never met Sara before today. I had never heard of Waveland, MS before this. I do have a weak spot for chocolate chip cookies though. [:)]