Advanced Command-line Tasks with WMIC

In an earlier post, I referenced the Command-line Nirvana article.
Here is some quick information to help you get started with poking around the WMIC, when running as an Administrator: 

Start out by going to a command prompt (Start, Run, CMD) and enter:

  • WMIC /?:FULL >WMIC-Help.txt (then hit Enter)
  • Notepad WMIC-Help.txt (then hit Enter)

Now you can get the expanded help information to get you started. I have only done a few simple things, such as:

Get a bunch of information on the CPU in your computer:

  • From within the WMIC environment: CPU
  • From the regular command prompt: WMIC CPU
  • From the regular command prompt, written to an XML file: WMIC /RECORD:cpu.txt CPU

My examples show getting information from my local machine, but you can get information from a remote computer also. But, before you go crazy and build your own management environment, take a look at SMS and MOM. They can do quite a bit for you, and save you a ton of time in the process.