Grown Up Digital

I just ready Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott and found a few interesting facts about the generation of people who have grown up with technology (Internet, SMS, etc.) and can’t imagine life without it. There are eight things that this generation expects in life and work:

  1. Freedom to work when and where they choose
  2. Customization of the products they buy
  3. Companies need to be open and honest, because hoaxes will be quickly exposed
  4. Companies must show integrity, but honest mistakes are understood
  5. They will collaborate on their work much more than they will work independently
  6. Similar to working when and where they choose, they will be entertained when and where they want, including at work
  7. Communicating, finding answers, and making decisions need to happen quickly
  8. Innovation for new and better products and technologies will continue

From a marketing point of view, this audience will be more receptive to a company or brand having interactive relationships with them versus traditional ads. This can be done by getting bloggers to recommend your product, allow it to be customized and talked about, being responsive to questions or concerns about your product, and being available where your customers will be: Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, and so on.