Handbook for a manager

Business 2.0 has a good article about a handbook of sorts that they say CEOs swear by. Below is my version or interpretation of their list that should really apply to any manager, not just a CEO:

  1. Have the right strategy
  2. Admit when you don’t understand something, and search for that understanding
  3. Believe in what you do/build/sell
  4. Think about what’s not being presented/spoken/built
  5. Treat everyone fairly, with respect, and give them a chance
  6. Stand behind your work and be proud of it
  7. Have fun - enjoy what you do/build/sell
  8. Look at and understand the big picture, even if it isn’t your job. Although, you do have to remember to deliver on your part of the big picture.
  9. Seek out feedback, even from your critics
  10. Don’t do something that you are afraid to read about in the papers (or a blog)
  11. Be genuinely nice to people
  12. When you are faced with a problem, don’t avoid it – solve it