I've got a new job: Leaving the MTC, joining Windows Live!

I am moving to the MSN / Windows Live team! I have been working with the Microsoft Technology Centers for a few years now, and have been focused on the "enterprise" customer space for my entire 12 years here at Microsoft. So, it's time to move.

I am joining a group within MSN that does product planning and business management for Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Spaces, OneCare, Safety Center, and a variety of other products. I will be the Regional Business Manager helping each of these products succeed in many of the countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. My wife and I plan to move to Paris so we can be somewhat centrally located, plus just for the adventure of it all (need to learn French).

It should be a fun, educational, entertaining, and adventurous. And what a great time to join this part of the company! There are new and updated products rolling out all the time and they just keep getting better and better, not to mention how Windows Vista will leverage these web services too. I have a ton to learn about that and all of the products I will be focused on.

As I continue to improve my business management skills, I will update my blog. I am now off to learn about all of these products, new strategies, meet new people, take numerous trips around Europe, and eventually move there. Wish me luck!