Live Mesh in the real world

Autumn leaves and Milo

I took this photo with my phone yesterday while out walking the dog (Milo) and when I got home, it was already on my PC. I then used Windows Live Photo Gallery to auto-correct a few things like color, light, and straighten the photo and I gave the file a name instead of something like IMAG0053. Later in the day, I showed the photo on my phone to a friend and it was the fixed-up version from my PC.

I never had to synchronize anything. I just used my smartphone’s camera (HTC Touch Dual) like normal and my PC to edit the photo like normal. Live Mesh did all the work for me.

How did I do this? With Live Mesh. You can go to to get started or read a variety of Mesh reviews/info/how-to articles via and some good in-depth technical articles and videos about Live Mesh at Angus Logan’s blog.