Microsoft Small Business Center, a Tablet PC, and a 5-year old

A friend of mine has a very talented 5-year old daughter who has been using a Tablet PC to draw pictures. You can see her hard at work on a Tablet PC at Her dad, Paul, has used Microsoft’s Small Business Center (was called bCentral) to make these available to anyone willing to purchase his daughter’s artwork. Paul was recently telling me how easy it is to use the Small Business Center to setup and run this small business, and it makes me want to dream up some business too, but I think I’m already busy enough with my day+ job.

Anyway, I have seen the cards first-hand; they are very nice and the drawings are very cute. See

Plus, the Commerce Manager stuff sounds like a great way to manage a product catalog and sell items on the Internet.


Life at Microsoft: you get to meet 5-year old girls who use Tablet PCs and their parents and friends who geek out over it. :-)