Microsoft Technologies Available for Licensing

This is pretty amazing. We are making quite a few technologies available for others to build products with. I think most of them come via Microsoft Research. See for information on how to license them. Business Week has a good article about it too. As of today (May 4, 2005), here is the list of technologies that are available.

  1. Audio Correction Algorithms for Speakers

  2. Microsoft Biometric ID: Digitally Signed Tamper-Proof ID Cards Incorporating Biometric Information

  3. Conference XP: Distance Conferencing, Instruction, and Collaboration Environment

  4. Counterfeit-Resistant Optical Fiber Technology

  5. Data Visualization Tools

  6. Detours SDK

  7. Digital Media Fingerprinting

  8. Face Detection and Tracking

  9. Horizontal Overscan: Broadcasting synchronized data in an analog television signal

  10. LaunchTile: Seamless UI Metaphor for Small Footprint Devices

  11. Mesh Network Connectivity Layer

  12. Microsoft Portrait: Mobile Video Communication

  13. MobiPicture: Intelligent Mobile Browsing of Large Images

  14. Natural Language Processing for Educational Courseware

  15. Personalized Facial Sketch and Cartoon Generation

  16. Physical Pixels

  17. Smart Antenna

  18. Wallop: Mixed Media Online Collaborative Environment

  19. WiFi Positioning

  20. XNav: Gesture-based Text Input and Device Navigation

Updated on 7/15/05: Changed item #2 to say "Microsoft Biometric ID"