Microsoft’s new tech for marketing technopologists

Microsoft has been busy releasing new technologies that a marketing technopologist should be interested in. Remember, I roughly define “marketing technopology” as tech+social for marketing purposes. Or to put another way, the technology and social capabilities that marketers can leverage to create engaging solutions for their brands. With this blog entry, I want to give my fellow technopologists some ideas on how these new technologies can be used. Here goes…

Let’s assume you have an idea for application that’s entertaining, informative, takes advantage of location data and has content that users would want to share with friends. The ultimate goal of your application is to drive brand affinity and sales. Indirectly, you’ll accomplish that by engaging your customers with this application

I suggest creating a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 application, with a Windows Phone 8 application to follow soon afterwards. These and other client applications should get their data from, and write back to, a set of centralized services running on Windows Azure. A web site also hosted on Windows Azure could be the central location for any support for the client applications. Therefore, you could start with the following resources:

  1. Windows 8 Metro style applications (you can offer advertising within the Windows 8 application too) for a rich, interactive experience that works great on the upcoming tablets.
  2. Windows Share feature in Windows 8 so your great content can be shared with friends
  3. Windows Azure to create the web services that will serve up the content while also tracking which content is most popular (consumed & shared). Also see the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. You can even get started with a free trial account for Windows Azure!
  4. Windows Phone development (you can offer advertising from within the Windows Phone application too) for a smartphone experience that mirrors the Windows 8 experience. And get ready for the new capabilities that will be in Windows Phone 8
  5. Sharing pictures via your Windows Phone application so your great content can be shared with friends, or as this article shows, maybe your application is used as the method to share pictures with friends. 
  6. Windows Azure for Websites for that support/information website. You might also want the beta of WebMatrix to develop your site too if you're not a Visual Studio user.
  7. Bing Maps for the location-based and mapping features of your application
  8. Windows Azure SQL Reporting to analyze the most popular pieces of content in your application so you can know what’s working and what’s not, which should help you focus your future content and app development resources

It has been about 15 years since I wrote any real code, but I’m considering jumping back into it because of all these new exciting capabilities, products and services.