My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ISTJ

I am an ISTJ. Specifically, this means that I:

  1. Have a moderate to clear preference for pulling energy from within, as opposed to those around me. (I = Introversion)
  2. I have a very slight preference to using my 5 senses, and not relying on a gut feel. (S = Sensing)
  3. I have a clear preference for organizing information in a logical way. (T = Thinking)
  4. I have a very slight preference for living a planned life, as opposed to having no direction. (J = Judging)

The great thing about getting analyzed like this is that I can get a better understanding of how I prefer to work, and keep that in mind when I see others don’t share my work style. It helps keep the frustration level down. Also, by having a clearer picture of how I approach work, I can more easily see holes in my approach and either find someone with opposite results or try to notice if I fall into my normal rut when approaching problems/opportunities.

For more about Myers-Briggs Type INdicator (MBTI), see the Myers & Briggs Foundation website at where they have information about MBTI. It's pretty cool stuff!

And yes, this is similar to the results of my Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument too.