New approaches to sales and marketing strategies

When writing a business plan you of course need to think about your Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy. The Chase Market Velocity blog has an interesting and useful way of looking at traditional approaches for marketing and sales strategies compared to web-based (or more IT centric) approaches. These are:

Traditional Enterprise Sales/Marketing

“Web 2.0” Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Marketing strategy

Product marketing: Focus groups

Have a “conversation” via blogs (book, blog) and aggressively use web usage analytics

Awareness generation: Print advertising, direct mail

Internet media advertising (search, email, blogs, etc.)

Awareness generation: Media tours, Press releases

Influence the influencers

Demand generation: Tradeshows, Seminars

Thought leadership webinars

Sales Strategy

Target Audience: Direct sales to Business/I.T. Decision Makers

End run traditional buying processes to get consumer/end user adoption first building internal credibility and grassroots support

Sales Force: Hire high-powered direct sales force

Tightly integrate a telesales team with web leads to qualify (and close) leads

Segmentation: Target Fortune 500 as first customer

Pursue SMB market before Enterprise

Pipeline Management: traditional tools

Web lead funnel management

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