Recommended Statistics Refresher Info

In my last entry I asked for some good references for statistics books that I could use as a refresher of what I have forgotten over the years. Here’s what I got:

  1. Kevin in Utah: A great book for modeling and forecasting is "Quantitative Business Modeling" the authors are Meredith, Shafer and Turban. I think you'll like this it is step by step stats using Microsoft Excel etc.
  2. Oliver in Germany (I think): I clearly recommend the free statistical textbook offered by "Statistica". If offers a good and easy introduction to the theory of many basic and advanced statistics. You can read it here:
  3. Sharon in the UK: For some humor – ‘The Tyranny of Numbers’ by David Boyle. Its closing quote is a favorite of mine when sales managers get over zealous with their reporting demands: ‘Sheep don’t get any fatter by weighing them…’