Sake and Sushi in Seattle

It's great to work at an international company! Two co-workers from the Microsoft Japan office are now working in Redmond for a year or two: Oba-san and Arai-san. Early this year, Oba-san treated Lorie (my wife) and I to some great sake in Tokyo: Hakkaisan

Before Arai-san arrived a week ago, I asked him to bring a couple of bottles. He ended up bringing 2 types: Ginjo, and Junmai Ginjo (I think I got that right). Basically, a really good quality one, and an even better one. And they were very good.

So to celebrate their arrival and to share the sake with each other, I made reservations at Maneki in the International district of Seattle. Joining us were Lorie and Mark Berman (think BizTalk and Sushi guru). We were fortunate enough to get a Tatami room, which is a bamboo-walled room where we sit on the floor, with our feet in a hole under the table.

The sushi was great, the sake was great, and the company was great. I look forward to more dinners out with these guys.

Arigato gozaimasu! (thank-you very much)