The Cluetrain Manifesto

CluetrainManifesto OK, the book is 8 years old now, but still has some very good marketing tips. Specifically, regarding how to connect with your customer. Since I focus on consumer products (Windows Live), these ring especially true to me.  I like the following tips from the book:

  1. Companies must communicate “conversationally” with their markets in a real voice, not in “marketing speak”; and it must be genuine.
  2. Product positioning means taking a position that reflects the values that the market cars about, which means it needs to help create an emotional connection to your product.
  3. To develop loyal customers, companies must participate in their customer’s communities: online and offline.
  4. Companies must participate in the conversation happening about their products, not just push out messages.
  5. Public relations needs to be private relations with individuals in the press, specific analysts, and influential bloggers.
  6. Be human, play, and be what you say you are. I internalize this to “live your company’s values”.