The Microsoft Consumer Experience Center

Since the demo that my team and I build is shown in an Envisioning Center (a really nice room for a demo) at a Microsoft Technology Center, I figured I should swap ideas with the people who run the Microsoft Consumer Experience Center (MCX).

The MCX is pretty cool, and as the name implies, it focuses on the consumer space, as opposed to the corporate space like my demo does. Think of a physical version of the Experience More site showing off all the latest and greatest Microsoft products that you might use in your home, running on the latest and greatest hardware from our partners. Since I already own a Media Center PC, a Smartphone, Tablet PC, digital camera, MSN Premium, and have played with Pocket PCs, XBox, Portable Media Centers, Media Extenders, and MSN TV there wasn't much new for me. Some of the new Pocket PCs that I got to play with were pretty cool though. However, Encarta Kids was something I had never seen and I was very impressed. If you've got young kids (5 and up), I highly suggest this product. They can navigate mostly by pictures and learn along the way. I wish I had this when I was a kid!