Theo's Last Hop: Our Rabbit's Eulogy

For some reason, I feel like sharing this with anyone who is interested:

Theo’s time was up, so today Lorie and I took him to the vet for his final visit, and we didn’t return home with him. He was almost 9 years old and due to some internal complications, he no longer enjoyed eating. And of course, eating fruits and vegetables, getting petted, and sometimes taunting Ripley (the dog) were his favorite things in life. Of course, he led a pretty great life for a bunny: sliding down slides as a little bunny, bouncing around and twirling in the air, watching ducks and sailboats from the houseboat, and later watching squirrels, birds, and the trees from the cottage. He also easily made friends: kids and Tonka trucks when he was little, stuffed animals as he got older, and Ripley later in life; although I think he liked the fact that Ripley only wanted to clean up after him. He also served as Lorie’s self-appointed guardian, selecting which boyfriends weren’t’ worth keeping by jumping on their heads in the middle of the night. Thankfully, that never happened to me – he just demanded parts of apples and bananas from me. He was also our wardrobe consultant; carefully selecting which shirts, pants, and belts needed to be simply tasted or full on eaten. He is survived by, and will certainly be missed by, his parents Lorie and Brian, and by his younger non-bunny-sister Ripley, who is still at puppy boot camp for trying to bite people, just like Theo would do if you smelled like a ferret.

Photos are at: under Photos, Theo. Or directly here, if this URL works.