Every once in a while I like to summarize my skills so I can remind myself of my strengths and weaknesses. Then I can go work on improving those weaknesses. In the spirit of being open and letting the world know about this one Microsoft employee named Brian Groth, here goes: 

  1. Leadership: I have good leadership skills as reviewed by those around me, or at least I did back in 2005. Hopefully I still do, but this is something I need to update. I still need to work on “selling the vision”, but I think I’ve gotten better at it in the last year or two.
  2. Business & Marketing: I like to share a variety of business and marketing tips, including book reviews, but I have a stack of books in mind that I need to read. 
  3. Technical: Since this blog is on MSDN, you could easily argue that I need to get back to some technical blog entries. I would love to, and I see this as a weakness, but being in a marketing role I find it tough to make time for writing code!

I also have my resumé/CV posted online (just updated) so people can see my work history over the years at Microsoft.