Using a GPS

Have you ever got seriously into navigating or tracking yourself with a GPS? I am thinking of getting better at using my GPS (I know how to read it, but not really use it) so once our puppy is old enough to hit the mountains with me, I can geek out with the GPS while enjoying the outdoors and the company of our dog.

So, I thought I would share a few interesting GPS related sites and articles I have come across lately. Please let me know if you have others that you find useful.

  1. Intro to GPS
  2. Learn how to use my GPS 
  3. Upload GPS track logs and overlay those tracks onto aerial photos and topographic maps
  4. The World Wide Media Exchange from Microsoft Research that lets you upload your photos and associate GPS coordinates 
  5. Microsoft Streets & Tris 2005 with a GPS Locator in the box
  6. Visit, and log, each latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world
  7. Satelite photos (see where you have been from space)
  8. And of course, if you want to develop your own solution, there are always MapPoint Web Services

Now the real fun would be to use Windows CE or Embedded XP and create a device that can take photos, with GPS coordinates, and upload the info to a server via a web service. Anyone want to build that for me?