VoIP, WiFi, and SmartPhones

My wife and I just setup our new-world of communications:

  1. We just got our Vonage phone, which is Voice Over IP, connected to our cable modem and our Microsoft 802.11g WiFi router. We now no longer have a regular phone line. The connection is: Coax cable to cable modem to Vonage router to (1) telephone and (2) WiFi router to our Media Center PC and our laptops.
  2. And now each have Windows Mobile-based SmartPhones. I have the Motorola MPx200 and she just got the new Audiovox.

So now our cell phones can get e-mail and browse the web (for www.sushifinder.com of course). And we can use our broadband connection at home and make phone calls and browse the web (for www.sake-world.com of course).

I'm looking forward to the day when I can easily (without thinking about it) use WiFi from my cell phone and get my TV via the Internet (it still comes over regular cable).