Why I work at Microsoft

I recently posted my resume on my blog, and this resulted in a few people to contact me wondering if I wanted to leave Microsoft. My answer is always "NO" . Here is what I love about my job, which is my minimum bar before even considering working somewhere else.

  1. I get to work with amazingly smart people all around the world, who in turn work with great customers on interesting solutions. There’s nothing like having smart peers to push my own limits.
  2. I get to be involved with the different approaches to selling software in different locations around the world. The reasons for the differences are fascinating.
  3. I get to come up with strategies, the processes to accomplish them, and then see them through. I see this as ongoing and real-world MBA training.
  4. I get to apply our own products to our own problems, such as data analysis, reporting, remote meetings, and I of course live on e-mail and IM.
  5. I get to travel the world to help, learn, build community, consult, and visit with the different teams around the world. The cultural differences are fascinating.
  6. I get to dig deep into how Microsoft measures business internally (it’s more than just sales). The business aspect is complex (at times) and interesting too.

And of course, Microsoft itself has amazing products, technologies, and people. And being a geek, it’s a blast to get my hands on products long before they hit the market (even if I do have to suffer with pre-release bugs at times).


Finally, as it turns out, I completely believe in our mission to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. I like working at a place where I believe in the company's overall and guiding mission.


In other words, I love working here.