Windows Clipboard Tools

Yesterday I was helping a friend find a good way to extend the Windows clipboard, especially at the command line. I am happy to say that 5 people quickly responded with 4 different suggestions. These all look like great utilities too! However, nobody ever said if these tools help you out from the command-line or not. But, here they are, along with who suggested them.

  1. ClipMate: - suggested by Tarun Jain, then again by Adwait Ullal. This tool holds thousands of "clips" and does quite a bit more.
  2. Shell Toys XP: - suggested by Christopher Andersson. This contains an extended clipboard utility, plus quite a bit more.  
  3. Yankee Clipper: - suggested by Steve Perry. This tool is a Windows clipboard extender.
  4. CLCL: - suggested by Alex Chernjayeff. This is a clipboard caching utility.

Thanks to all of you who suggested these great tools, and thanks to the developers of these tools!

Now if we can only get Matt to let us know which ones work best for him. hint, hint, hint.