Hello , World !... :)


 This is Bhuvaneshwari, working as a tester with Visual Studio Lab management Team that is part of VSTS 2010. To give a brief intro , I joined MS in 2006 after completing my engineering in Anna University , Chennai . For the past 18 months I am working with VSTS Lab management team. That’s pretty much on the academic front.


When I am not at work I would like to do shopping , chatting with friends, a little bit of cooking for survival and more importantly just sit and relax :) Of course the last one holds true sometimes while I am at work as well :)

I am not much interested in blogging. As a matter of fact , I used to consider blogging on technical topics as something very geeky. Wondering why I am here then ?


Well , it goes with out saying that working in a v1 product is an experience in itself. I don’t have anything new to say :) Adding to that , it is a just terrific experience for a tester to be in a team which develops testing tools . I just love the product which we are developing. It's very exciting to talk about the feature that you develop , see customers using the product and listening to their feedback and that’s why I am here.


The feature that I own is "Testing with Team Lab" - that’s how we call it :)  As the name implies , my feature is all about setting up virtual environments for testing , running manual and automated tests on the environment, filing rich bugs and so on and so forth..


Catch you shortly with an interesting post on "Testing with team lab" . Cheers !