Test agent configuration

As mentioned in my previous post, test agent and controller configuration is something, that has been introduced newly in Beta2.

Let me elucidate the test agent configuration a little bit.

How :

  • The test agent configuration can be done through the "Team Test agent configuration" tool. To launch the tool, go to "Start -->All Programs --> Microsoft visual studio 10.0 --> Team Test agent configuration".
  • The configuration can be done through command line as well. Go to %program Files%\Microsoft Visual studio 10.0\Common7\IDE from command prompt and type TestAgentConfig.exe /?. The help should show you the list of all available options.

Who :

  • Only users with Administrative privilege can do the configuration.
  • If you want to register the agent to a controller, then the configuring user need to be an administrator on the controller box as well ( in addition to being an admin on the agent).

When :

The configuration tool will be launched right after the installation, by default. You can do the configuration either at that time or at any later point of time.

What :

What input does it take :

  • "Run options " : Indicates whether you want to run your test agent in service mode or interactive process mode.

The default mode is "Service" . Chose "Interactive process" if you want to run Coded UI tests or any other UI automation.

  • User account under which the agent will be run.

Default is Network service. If you are preparing templates to be used in Lab management, please refer the setup guide to know more about the user accounts.

  • Controller under which the agent has to be registered ( optional ).

If you are preparing templates for lab management, then there is no need to register the agent with the controller. Just specify the user account and configure the agent. Lab management will take care of automatically registering the agents to the appropriate controller at the time of creating new virtual machines out of these templates.

If you are trying to setup physical environments or if you are trying to setup a test rig for your stress /load testing , then you will have to register the agent with a controller.

What does it do with the inputs :

  • Installs the test agent service or adds the test agent process to the start up program list, based on whether you chose to run the test agent as service /process.
  • Registers the agent to the appropriate controller ( if controller name is specified).
  • Grants appropriate ACLS to the agent user account in the agent machine and in the controller machine ( if we specify a controller name ).
  • Adds firewall exception.

Miscellaneous :

  • The test agent can be re-configured from service mode to process mode  or vice versa and from one controller to another controller at any point of time.
  • To check if things are configured correctly, you can use the command line option "TestAgentConfig.exe Verify ". This will verify whether everything is configured properly.
  • If the agent is part of a virtual machine that is managed by lab, then you can't change the controller. Only the user account and "Run options" can be changed in lab mode. To change the controller, you need to go via “Lab Center”  page in "Microsoft Test and Lab manager".

Hope that helps !