Bill Gates Vision Realized: Total Data Recall


We’ve all had that memory from our past that we can’t quite recall all the details of no matter how hard we try. This week, we talk with Jim Gemmell, co-author of Your Life, Uploaded, who tells us why this won’t continue to be a problem in the near future. With data storage getting cheaper by the day, the rapid adoption of self-measurement and recording devices, and software to organize this data, humans will have the ability to record virtually every aspect of their life if they choose to. In essence, we will be able to access our lives with the click of a button.

Bruno discusses with Jim the explosion of cheap data storage, implications on our personal lives, and how it will allow companies to measure and store aspects of their business that weren’t previously imaginable. They even discuss new and innovative ways of finding the millions of documents we now store with search terms “find all documents saved on days when the temperature outside exceeded 90 degrees!” Watch our latest video and learn more about how big data collection and correlation can help your business!

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