Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager (BSM) 2005

In essence, there are two parts to this scorecarding solution, Microsoft Business Scorecard Server and Microsoft Business Scorecard Builder.

The server product allows you to manage scorecards through a central deployment mechanism and the builder provides a way for business analysts to quickly prototype, create and publish scorecards to be deployed via the server to SQL Server Reporting Services or Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.




Multiple data sources can be catered for through ODBC (e.g. Access/Excel) and ADOMD.Net connectivity for SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. Each scorecard can have many different associated views and perhaps most importantly, each view of the scorecard can be broken down into separate objectives with multiple key performance indicators (KPI’s) and each of the KPI’s can have additional contextual information associated with them through report views.

There are many different types of indicators from traffic light style details to trend arrows, rev counters, data bars and even the expected smiley face icons!

You can find step by step instructions on installing both products with SQL Server 2005 here

In addition, there is free online technical training available here

Finally, you can download a trial version of the software from Both products are less than 2Mb so it won’t take too long!