Configuring a non-default port number for the VS Team Test Controller

By default, the Visual Studio Team Test Controller listens on TCP/IP port number 6910.

If for any reason you need to configure the controller to use a different port,
here are the steps to configure a non-default port:

1. On the controller, edit QTController.exe.config and change the value of the ControllerServicePort:

    <add key="ControllerServicePort" value="9999"/>

   Restart the controller service.

2. On each agent, change the value of the following registry key:'

   For Visual Studio Team System 2005:

   For Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Orcas):

   to <controllername>:<port>.    For example: "mycontroller:9999"

   Restart the agent service.

3. On each Visual Studio client, change all Test Run Configuration files that specify this controller to use the new port number:

   In the Edit Test Run Configuration dialog, select "Controller and Agent".  Under "Enter or select the remote controller where the selected
   test(s) will be run:", enter <controllername>:<port> (for example: "mycontroller:9999").

4. To administer the controller, enter <controllername>:<port> for the Controller Name in the Administer Test Controllers dialog.