VS 2010 Visualizing Branches

VS 2010 Beta1 does an amazing job visualizing branch hierarchies and tracking changesets.

Here is the Mature Branch Plan Hierarchy:

Mature Hier 10-26-2009 1-13-50 PM

Here is the view from Source Control Explorer, showing the arrangements of folders and branches.  Now that branches are first-class

objects in TFS 2010 it is easy to distinguish them from folders:

Mature FS 10-26-2009 1-24-16 PM


Now you can track a changeset to see what branches it has been merged into (for example Changeset 130)
is now in all the development and servicing branches:

Mature Track CS 10-26-2009 1-16-38 PM

Here is the same changeset tracked on a timeline view (you can now see the sequencing of when
and how the changeset moved to a particular branch.:

Mature TL 10-26-2009 1-17-26 PM