DBAs – Are you ready for the steel cage death match?

Times are certainly tough and bound to get tougher in 2009. As a DBA, you and your teammates are in a unique position - given all of the relationships you build with your customers - to generally survive a layoff. If you want to increase your odds of staying with your company, check out the podcast at http://www.manager-tools.com/2008/12/harvesting-annual-reviews. Mike and Mark explain how the your boss and the rest of the management food chain should approach the Steel Cage Death Match.


You and your boss can be proactive according to Mark & Mike by making sure your boss has the data for his team along these dimensions:

  1. Performance vs. Key Deliverables
  2. Performance vs. Organizational Value Metrics
  3. Areas of Improvement
  4. Projection of Future Roles
  5. List of Potential Supporters

Ideally, your boss has captured this in your annual review, but it doesn’t hurt to update your boss during your 1 on 1’s with new information. Check out the cast at: manager-tools-2008-12-22.mp3.

Happy New Year!

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