Find strings fast in SQL Server Management Studio

This is the first of a series of video based blog entries where I will share tips and tricks within the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) shell. Many of these techniques are the result of using Visual Studio as the shell for SSMS.

This video demonstrates how to use the “Go To Find Combo” command for searching text inside of the current editor window.

Find is not the only command available with this command. You can also type in a term to search as a help topic – for example – CREATE TABLE – and press the F1 key to display the help topic.

You can also execute commands within SSMS. For example, if you want to create a new query window, type in:


and press ENTER. The result is a new query editor. If you try this feature out, you will see that there is Intellisense for the commands to help you along.

For more information, check out the books on line topic for Visual Studio - “Find/Command Box”.