Post Web Cast Questions - Answered

Over 900 attended my web cast on Monday. With the help of Bruce Prang and Michael Benkovich, they were able to keep up with most of the questions. This article lists the questions that were asked and their responses. There are still several handfulls of questions that I need to get through, and they will be on my mind as I travel to California over the next 3 days.

There were quite a few questions around when SQL Server 2005 will ship that I'm not in a position to answer, but as someone mentioned, it is titled 2005. In addition, folks asked how can they get a hold of the beta. We'll anyone can sign up for the beta. If you completed a survey, you should be getting the complete Beta 2 Resource Kit in the mail. If you missed the web cast, you can sign up at: Once you have signed up, it takes several days for the request to be processed. You will then have access to each Beta and Community Technical Preview that is released between now and the release of SQL Server 2005.

Without further ado - the Q&A in order that the questions were recieved. They need indexing. ;-)

peter Asked: I have a question about tracefile - is possible to read this file without SQL server - I do not know how structure are used to store data?

Answered: Yes there is a new part of the SMO API called 'Trace Objects' which allow you to read a trace file. They are documented in BOL.

Jason Asked: Can I review the presentation after it is complete?

Answered Privately: yes, it will be viewable within 24 hours:

Stanislav Asked: Are there new improvements or changes with Full-Text Search Service ?

Answered: Yes. The information will be covered in one of Friday's webcasts.


Roger Asked: Any idea when the new SQL EM will be distributed with full functionality?

Answered: Functionality will be added throughout the development cycle.

jay Asked: Can SSMS connect to downward compatible servers? if so to what level?

Answered: The tools will support Sql 2000 and Sql 2005

Resmi Asked: Can we have both SQL 2000 tools and SSMS in one machine

Answered: Yes, this includes Beta 2, and the latest CTPs.

Enigma Asked: Are any templates for the profiler being provided with SQL Server 2005 ?

Answered: Yes, plus you can add your own.

Seth Ben-Ezra Asked: Will these tools be available independent of SQL 2005, if I wanted to use them with an existing deployment of SQL 2000?

Answered: No but an install of Sql 2005 tools can remotely admin a Sql 2000 server

peter Asked: this tools are include in express edition ?

Answered: Express Manager is available for download for express. Sql Server Management Studio will be able to manage express.

Linchi Asked: Query Analyzer is now rolled into Management Studio. What's your suggestion if someone still wants a lean and mean >GUI tool< like QA just for running queries?

Answered: Express Manager is great for only running queries

lex Asked: Did you just say SSMS no longer uses MMC, but is a managed code application?

Answered: I didn't hear Bill say that but it is true.

Rajesh@Tuliani.Com Asked: Would it support XML/LDAP?

Answered: SQL 2005 natively supports XML

Kurt Moskal Asked: Why was Query Analyzer not offered as a stand alone app? We deploy QA to developers without the entire SQL Enterpise Manager. With SQL 2005 will need to send the entire Management suite to the end users. This is not good. We'd like to have a standalone QA back.

Answered: Express Manager should fit that need very well.

AndyR Asked: Can I register multiple Servers in SQL Computer Manager ?

Answered: No Sql Computer Manager is targetted at a machine with no registration. You can point it at any.

Mukul Asked: What is Authoring?

Answered: This is usually considered as the development of stored procedures as it pertains to database admin, not application development

fari Asked: What is needed to migrate databases from SQL2000 to SQL 2005?

Answered: This will be handled for you at setup time

Craig Asked: Have there been any improvements to the MMC refreshes?

Answered Privately: yes

Bala Asked: Can I install the SQL Server 2000 Beta 2 where SQL Server 2000 Enterprise installed?

Answered: I assume you mean Sql Server 2005. As with any Beta software you should not install it on any machine that isn't a complete test machine.

Matt T Asked: Will Query Builder be added back into the final release? I noticed it is not in the Beta 2 version.

Answered: Yes, it is scheduled to be included in a later build.

karen watterson Asked: Is it true that you can't install SQL 2005 on a system that has a current SQL 2000 local installation?

Answered: Yes, by RTM they can sit side-by-side.

rnadesan Asked: what is web site for the download after the presentation.

Answered Privately: you will be able to view this presentation within 24 hours at :

Mukul Asked: How is SQL Server Manager Studio different from Computer Manager?

Answered: Computer Manager is minimal configuration ability around the services and protocols.

Bob Lee Asked: Will Server Registration groups also convert when upgrading servers?

Answered: Yes

Simon Asked: Will we be able to install SQL2005 on a machine that is already running a previous version of SQL Server? I can't seem to install the December preview release without first uninstalling my other SQL Server components which I do not want to do?

Answered: Yes, by RTM they will sit side-by-side.

kosmas Asked: how can I get a beta 2 sql 2005 for my employer to see?

Answered: the Beta's are included as part of MSDN Subscriptions

Mark Morrison Asked: Has SQL Mail changed?

Answered: Sql Mail is still available but has been depricated. There is a new mail that is much improved in stability and some features. E.g. It no longer requires MAPI.

SUSHIL PATEL Asked: What does that Alias in Client network utility used for in SQL Computer manager?

Answered: Alias allows you to specify a different name for a connection. These are not new to Yukon, check BOL for more information.

fari Asked: What do you mean "This will be handled during configuration"? Do I seemlessly migrate databases from SQL2000 to SQL2005?

Answered: Sorry, meant "Setup". During setup you will be able to decide if you would like to upgrade a server.

peter Asked: how i s a diference between owner and schema ?

Answered: Owner is what you would expect, the owner of the object. Schema is the "container" that the object resides in. Asked: if you have multiple databases say over 500, will all databases be displayed like in EM

Answered: If you mean on the "right" side, no they are enumerated down the left. There will be a "summary page" on the right that will show them in a list. You can also filter the databases in the tree to see only the tables you are interested in.

karen watterson Asked: What do "Rosetta" and "Komodo" refer to?

Answered: Rosetta is the name used for Reporting Services, Komodo is the management tools

lex Asked: But this demo looks like it is a snap-in to MMC?

Answered: Sql Computer Manager is still a MMC snap-in but Sql Server Management Studio no longer relies on MMC.

bs Asked: Please what is the equivalent of a database diagram in 2000 in 2005 for creating relationship graphically

Answered: Diagrams will be available in a later build.

Rick Dobson Asked: Why don't you put SQL Browser in Computer Manager?

Answered: Sql Browser is a core part of Sql Server used for elements of the Sql system. It is an interesting question and I will pursue that to ensure it shouldn't or should be available in computer manager.

luisvalencia Asked: Is there a way to fill the gaps when I put a column as IDENTITY? and then I erase some rows? Or it has to be the logic of my app?

Answered Privately: Identity columns provide the next available sequence number for a column. it is not aware of deleted rows.

Ed Asked: Does the new SQL Server Manager require the Visual Studio Development Environment?

Answered Privately: No

Colin Asked: Has there been any advancements in regards to server consolidation ie) resource sharing and distributing, etc

Answered: There are enhancements in the sql server relational engine around this. You should review the later sessions as one of those will more likely address your question.

Rajesh@Tuliani.Com Asked: How has security changed in SQL 2005?

Answered: There is a webcast on the subject this Wednesday.

mikew Asked: if a registered server is not responding, does the entire sql server management studio lock-up.

Answered: There was a bug in SSMS but it was fixed in later builds.

Jags Asked: Is automatic refresh available?

Answered Privately: yes

Bala Asked: Where can I download the SQL Server 2000 beta 2?

Answered: Beta 2 is not available for download unless you are an MSDN subscriber but if you fill out an eval at the end of this webcast we will send you a copy

Curtis Asked: Can you do group by's in views

Answered Privately: yes. ANSI SQL supports views that use grouping

Doug Asked: Will DMO object model be supported in Yukon?

Answered: Sort-of. DMO ships in Yukon and has been updated to support connecting to Yukon but none of the new Yukon-only features are available. It is meant to ensure older apps can continue to work.

Vidas M. Asked: How will I draw database diagrams in Yukon?

Answered: database diagrams should be available in later builds

SivaRam Asked: Where can we see ER Diagram object ?

Answered: Diagram's should be available in later builds

Andrew Banks Asked: I've just seen from the shared screen that reporting services is part of the MMC. Is reporting services now a standard part of sql server as of 2005?

Answered Privately: Yes

BOB Asked: Any new enhancements when running SQL 2005 on an MS Cluster environment?

Answered: From the management tools perpsective, not really. You can still manage them as before. If you are interested in any of engine technologies you should check out some of the later webcasts.

Maria Asked: Will we be able to debug stored procedures and step through the code while tracking variable values?

Answered Privately: yes, thru Visual Studio

fari Asked: I asked this but have no answer... Review the migration process from SQL2000 to SQL 2005.

Answered: We will be producing a migration guide to assist you in easily moving from 2000 to 2005

Rob Asked: Will 2005 preserve the view diagram of the tables and their relationship

Answered Privately: yes

SUSHIL PATEL Asked: is there any Synchronizing function included, lest say we have open two Properties pages of two table from two different DBs and we want to sync both table to eachother DBs?

Answered: No not in Sql 2005. It is a feature we have looked at. You can get there pretty use using the scripting options of the dialogs. Open the property page, set what you want and they click script to query window. You can then run that query against the other server.

Wise_The_First Asked: is there any know issues with running SQL 2000 and 2005 beta?

Answered Privately: We do not recommend doing this in a production environment but I have had it running on my laptop with no problems

Michael Evans Asked: Will there be better(easier) ways to clean up/truncate logs? This is a big issue on our Dev/QA servers

Answered Privately: You can create a management plan tailored to your needs to take care of this

fari Asked: Again...I just need a big picture for migration. Is it seamless or do I need additional tools/etc.

Answered Privately: You will not need additional tools

John Asked: Database Diagrams - will you be able to cross databases to create constraints?

Answered Privately: I do not think so but will follow-up and make sure the answer is on Bill's blog. Bill: No – not using the Database Diagramming tool.

chuckx Asked: Can you search/display all the tables that have a column name of X accross databases?

Answered: Not from the UI.

Enigma Asked: Will we able to script out data in SSMS ?

Answered Privately: You can use DTS to import & export data into a variety of forms, including csv, tab delimited. I don't know of a way to script the data as sql statements, although you could write a SQL statement that accomplishes this.

karen watterson Asked: Re database diagrams (coming) - will you guys please ship database diagrams for the databases that ship with Yukon and the other servers, e.g. AdventureWorks, pubs, Northwind?

Answered: Thanks for the suggestion

peter Asked: I must grant access to owner or schema ?

Answered Privately: You grant access to schema to users.

Linchi Asked: Should I ask for upgrade to a 42" screen when use Mangement Studio? It may time to get used to these many little windows. Is there any usability concern?

Answered: The windowing is very configurable. You can move/hide/auto-hide windows to your liking. I adjust my workspace depending on the task I'm doing.

Simon Asked: Is command line osql (or equivalent) still available for running scripts from command/batch files (i.e. osql -i <file> -o <file> ...)?

Answered: Yes. You should look at SqlCmd, it is much faster and has more options.

Nedra Asked: On the "open table" feature, can that feature be restricted so that it is read-only instead of editable from the console?

Answered Privately: Access to functionality is limited by user authorization. The tool will allow users with sufficient rights to edit the data.

bluetentacle Asked: Will query builder do a better job of preserving my own indentation?

Answered: I haven't played extensively with it but query builder will tend to format the query as if it wrote it. If formatting is critical you will need to edit them by hand.

Andrew Banks Asked: Is Profiler still part of SQL server? I haven't seen any reference to it yet

Answered: Yes, plus you can also setup Profiler traces directly against the server without using the UI

Kurt Moskal Asked: I just download the Dec CPT release but havn't install it yet. Question, does the X64 AMD build inclued 64bit tools?

Answered: No, tools are not yet available in the 64bit SKU. Remote admin is the only way.

fari Asked: Please give me a short answer to my migration question. What is involved?

Answered: All you need to do is detach your data and log files from SQL 2000 and then attache them back to SQL 2005. You will not be able to subsequently revert to 2000..

Colin Asked: Can you upgrade from the different Beta versions ie) Beta 2 to the December CTP version without uninstalling and reinstalling?

Answered: The upgrade paths should be clearly laid out in the read-me. I'm not positive about Beta 2 to Dec CTP, but I beleive it is supported. – Bill: Actually upgrade from Beta 2 to the CTP is not supported. You need to uninstall Beta 2 and then install the CTP.

Michael Evans Asked: Hooray for mgmt templates

Answered Privately: They ROCK

Andrew Banks Asked: What's the difference between SQL 2005 and Yukon? Is Yukon just a codename

Answered: Yukon is the codename for SQL Server 2005

Bri_Kuz Asked: Windows appear to be dockable... is it easy to use multiple monitors? (Cheaper than 42" Screens!)

Answered: Sadly no. We do not have multi-monitor support in this release.

Peter Asked: are there any multi-user controls (ie. traditional source control) to support larger DBA environments?

Answered: Yes there is source control available from with-in the solution explorer.

Maria Asked: So we can only debug SPs through Visual Studio, not through the Management Studio?

Answered: Correct.

SUSHIL PATEL Asked: is there any comparison feature included? like comparing Objects between two DBs or Data between two tables in different DBs?

Answered: This is not available in Sql Server 2005 but something we are considering for later releases. There are 3rd party tools that perform this service.

Bob TAbor Asked: There's no concept of a "Solution" in SQL 2k like there is in Visual Studio.NET ... what will Solutions in SQL 2k5 allow us to do? Why use them?

Answered: They provide for organization of scripts and connections in logical groupings.

miles Asked: Will useful undocumented features in SQL2000 potentially be documented in SQL2005? Improved?

Answered: There is much more information available via fully documented means in Sql 2005. Please take a look at BOL.

ScottStonehouse Asked: Can I save the query results to excel easily?

Answered: You can save the results as CSV and open them in Excel

George Brown Asked: I notice that there is a drop down arrow next to the script button. What options are under that drop down? Scripting to clipboard?

Answered: Yes: clipboard, query window and file.

Jason Asked: Why do you always have to login and authenticate? Seems annoying...

Answered: You don't there is a "new query with current connection" option. Bill just isn't using it.

Aleksandr Asked: Why every time you open new window for script or template login dialog show up ?

Answered: There is a "new query with same connection option"

John Dado Asked: Is search and replace available in the Query window?

Answered: yes

Ed Asked: Is the template functionality the same as the SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer?

Answered: Yes it should be very similar. The exact implementation might be slightly different.

John Asked: I regularly use the system tables in SQL Server 2000 to access schema information. Are similar tables readily available in 2005?

Answered: Yes they are available from views in the sys schema.

Kev Asked: Are all these tools available in SQL Express?

Answered Privately: no.

kosmas Asked: what is sys.database , did you guys change sysdatabases to that?

Answered: Yes there are a whole new list of sys schema objects. The schema for the sys objects is much better. However the older sysdatabases is available as a back compat view.

JoshSackett Asked: Will it be possible to find TOP N queries per CPU/Duration/etc?

Answered: There are some Dynamic Views that are available in Sql 2005 which can answer some of these questions. Check out the other webcasts they should cover these.

Vemund Haga Asked: Will it be possible to select more than one object in Object Explorer and edit properties, eg. security on stored procedures, on them?

Answered: No multi-select in object explorer is not available in Sql 2005. Bill says: But – we’ll take this under consideration….

John B Asked: Where are the Management Studio templates stored? in msdb?

Answered: SSMS templates are stored locally on the client machine.

William Murphy Asked: does it automatically cut and paste the headers from the query analyzer results?

Answered Privately: You can configure the options for how results are displayed

Ayad Shammout Asked: Can I use SQL Managment Studio tool (Beta2) to manage SQL 2000 Server?

Answered: You should only use it to manage a test Sql 2000 server. SSMS is beta and it should certainly work (it is designed that way) but you should never use Beta software against a production machine.

Matt McQ Asked: When executing a query, can the result set be put to the side instead of the bottom of the query window? This would be helpful.

Answered: Not in Sql 2005. But we will look at it for later releases.

Mark Bruce Asked: Where can I find the list of source control products that are supported?

Answered: This should be in BOL, if not it uses the same technology that Visual Studio uses so the ones available there should be the same.

William Murphy Asked: yes, but can you cut the headers -- in the current grid format it doesn't copy the headers when cutting and pasting into excel -- very annoying

Answered: The grid doesn't support copy & paste to excel. Try saving the results to a CSV file & importing. You could change to text results with a tab delimiter and try pasting into Excel.

tak Asked: The BOL in version 2000 is really not so good, has it improved?

Answered: We think so :) There has been a vast improvement in the BOL information. Please take a look and provide feedback.

Kimberly Asked: Does Profiler still require SysAdmin role in 2005?

Answered: No, it is a grantable right.

Jags Asked: Does Profiler still require a DBO /Sysadmin privilege, as in SQL Server 2000?

Answered Privately: Yes

Linchi Asked: Will all the 32-bit tools available in RTM in 64-bit?

Answered: Yes

Davor Asked: what is the granularity of source control? for exampe can I control a table separately, or a column, or just a project?

Answered Privately: You can actually control scripts, the objects in the server are not controlled via source control. Those are controlled via security rights.

Doug Asked: What are some of the Events you can capture in profiler for Analysis Services?

Answered Privately: T-SQL batches, Stored procedures startng & completing, Table scans, etc.

Craig Asked: Is 'SA" still required for using the tuning and index wizards and Profiler?

Answered: No, this is a grantable right.

Gus Asked: Is there a similar demo for AS (DIM, cubes, etc)?

Answered Privately: The Analysis Services Webcast is scheduled for Thursday.

Colin Asked: Is the data encryption feature in the Dec CPT and is this encryption based on user/group security or application level ie) encrypt/decrypt functions?

Answered: I believe it is available in this release. I'm not sure of the exact features. You can check BOL or look at one of the later webcasts, they might cover this.

Chris Asked: The percentages for the different queries in execution plans does not add upp (to 100%) in SQL 2000 when using other locales than English on your computer (at least for me with Swedish, due to different decimal place signs). Could you please make sure this works ok in yukon.

Answered Privately: Thanks, I've seen this bug. I'll take a look at it.

Ryan Asked: Does the Database Tuning Advisor/Profiler (still) require SA rights to run?

Answered: No this is a grantable right.

JoshSackett Asked: Will it be possible to edit jobs that were created by a maintenance plan without lousing things up?

Answered Privately: Yes, if you can assume the user knows what they're doing.

karen watterson Asked: BTW, you're doing a great job fielding questions and supplying answers - much be a small army of you!

Answered Privately: thanks

JStarr88 Asked: what did he say replaces osql and isql?

Answered Privately: SQLCMD

Bri_Kuz Asked: Will most of this functionality end up integrated with VS2005? It seems that we are getting closer and closer to having one IDE for all aspects of development...

Answered: No, VS2005 is really focused on development and Sql 2005 Management Studio is about Administration. There is quite a bit of overlap and we try to leverage where it makes sense but we also try to address different scenarios.

Andrew Banks Asked: Is it still possible to allow the SA account to exist without a password?

Answered Privately: Not by default. A sysadmin can turn off all the checks and let it happen for old application compatability, but it isn't easy.

GeorgeHarting Asked: Does the Data Tuning Advisor support cross-server joins?

Answered: No, not cross server, only cross database.

niltonpinheiro Asked: Can I save SSMS configuration (registered servers) for a new installation. How to ?

Answered: Yes there is an export option.

VICALEX Asked: If i install SQL Server 2005, actualize my Enterprise of SQL Server 2000??

Answered Privately: You can view SQL 2000 instances from the 2005 manager

John Asked: In Profiler, if I add a column to an already running trace. Will it show info for the new column for all the items since I started the trace or only for items after I add the new column?

Answered: Only recently, only those columns selected are captured and sent. The data does not exist for the just selected columns.

Bill harris Asked: so you can set up DTS servers?

Answered Privately: DTS is run on a SQL Server instance

Tim Toennies Asked: Is the Master/target server feature still available?

Answered: Yes.

Rick Dobson Asked: Is it true that the XM is incompatible with VB Express

Answered: No, the new version of XM needs to be installed with the Dec CTP of SQL Express. From there, it can remotely connect to an instance of SQL Express from wither Beta 1 or the October CTP of VS

George Brown Asked: So we aren't going to see express manager during this webcast?

Answered Privately: We will have a webcast (hopefully early January) where we will focus specifically on Express

Bert Asked: do we still have the 255 char line width problem using SQLCMD when results go to file?

Answered: No that shouldn't be a problem anymore. Give it a try and see.

dougR Asked: OT: Will Object Spaces be included in the final release?

Answered Privately: Not with SQL Server 2005

Mukul Asked: How do you check performance/tuning of a stored procedure as you are developing it?

Answered: You can view the execution plan, client statistics and other information from the query editor.

miles Asked: Any plans to build in a MS utility for reading the data in database transaction log dumps?

Answered Privately: no

JoshSackett Asked: My main concern with maintenance plans is the ability to add another step to the job - for instance, I now have a 2nd step to compress the .BAK file.

Answered Privately: One of the benefits maint plans is that you can edit them as a DTS package and do whatever you would like to them.

Bob Lee Asked: UI's are pretty but will we still be able to run from a command line? We use calls to these.

Answered: Take a look at SQLCMD .

Danny Asked: what is the minimum database role requires for a user to run a profile?

Answered: You can grant rights for profiling databases

Brian Haan Asked: So every body on the call will automatically get a copy of the Beta 2 Resource kit?

Answered Privately: no, you need to complete the survey for any one of the web casts this week.

Simon Asked: Can SSMS be used to administer SQL7 instances as well?

Answered Privately: No but you can leave the older tools on a machine to admin Sql 7.

Frédéric Asked: Does the alert system still require the MAPI client installed?

Answered: No, it can be based on SMTP

That's all!